Blogging in English

Blogging in English

Freitag, Oktober 24, 2014

Hey! :)

Yes, yes you're right, it's me - Chrisi - here. So, you probably ask: Why the hell are you writing in English?!
One month ago (my god, where's the time?) Christine from Books & Cupcakes started the Blogging in English-Challenge. The point is to write in a period of three months (till the end of this year) at least three posts in English.
I will participate in this challenge, because (I think you've seen it in my previous sentences) my English is realy bad and so I hope I can improve it a little, because so I combine fun (blogging) with learning (Englisch) ;)

So here the facts, how Chrisine it says:

The challenge begins on the first of Oktober and ends on the 31st of December
Everyone who can speak a little English. It really does not matter how well you can speak/write in English. This is not meant to show off people´s English skills or to laugh about mistakes. 
Blog occasionally in English
Whatever you like. Reviews, beauty, books, lifestyle, gaming etc. You could talk about your aunties back pain if you like
How often?
As you like it. Although the minimum is three posts for the entire period of three months.
To practice your English. To increase your confidence in your English. 
How to sign up?
You will email me ( Your Email should contain: your name, your blog name and URL and if you want to for a little fun, if you are posting in American, British, Australian etc. - English.
Please create a page / post / tag where I can see how many English post you have written. 
Of course it would be nice, if you would do a little advertising but you don´t have to. 
An overview can be viewed on my challenge site :)
Anything else?
You can sign up at any given time up until the last day of the challenge. 
There are two banners, because someone might have more of a British English and someoneelse might have more of a American Englisch, so I thought you could chose. And you can use the banners if you like. 
Of course you can make your own banner if you want, and if you think other people can / should use it, you can tell me and I´ll make an extra link with all the banners, to chose from. ("My" banners are from the lovely Lisa from Lisas Bücherchaos)
On top of that everyone who participates and writes three posts or more has a chance to win a prize in the New Year. 

So, I hope I can accomplish the challenge! :) If you have any idea or wish, what I can write about in English, write it in the comments! :)

Now, I hope I didn't make too much mistakes in this post and maybe some of you now will participate, too :)

And at the end I have a short request to you: Can you let me know my mistakes in the comments? Because if I don't see my mistakes I can't improve them ;) Thanks :)

Möchtest du weiterlesen?

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  1. I think it' s not the worst idea. It would be a very good idea for me but I don't have blogger the most of the time, i hope, you enjoy it and it helps you. You are not to bad(better than me when I first came to Egland8 I think, I learned something;hopefully)

    Best greatings


    P.S.: Do you have time at the end of December? We could meet again..

  2. I think the idea is very good. But I won't take part in the challenge because I haven't got lot of time in the future (in the next weeks ;) ). So I only want to write you a few comments in Englisch so I can improve my Englisch a little bit, too. Maybe it won't work but "ist ja egal". :D
    Lots of fun to you! :D


    1. I will write my posts for November in October, because now I have the time to do it, otherwise I won't participate, too ;D
      Thanks :D

  3. This sounds like a very good idea :) I participated in a review-Challenge, to be exact: an english reading Challenge to do something with english at least once a moth. But as it is... there is fairly not enough time to read in german, so why bother reading in english?

    But posting in english sounds great and maybe I'll try it too. And as you see - there is communication as well ^^



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